New phase Tv advert launched, featuring Long May You Reign!

23 09 2010


Good news folks! Earlier this year the Northern Irish Tourist Board launched a phase of TV adverts that featured our single (from the debut album Dinosuar) tilted Long May You Reign as the title music on the advert.

From statistics, the Advert has been the most successful Tv advert they have had on the NITB, so we were asked to go back into the studio last month to record a new version of the song, for the more laid back Autumn/Winter season. Now, there is a completely new advert being aired, starting on Monday 20th of September. There will be 10 second, 30 second and 60 second versions. There is also a 60 second radio advert which will feature an instrumental version. They will all feature a newly arranged and recorded version of Long May You Reign.

We hope you enjoy!! JS+TC xx

Long may they reign?? yes!



Want us on the radio/paper/tv?:: please call Linda @ Good Seed PR -0851659065




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