We are now “Master & Dog”

15 11 2010

Hey everyone.

Just in case you are wondering why we changed our name, we explained all on BBC’s Across the Line Show on Monday night… but just also to say… We loved being John, Shelly and the Creatures but felt we needed to change. Being John, Shelly and the Creatures has been very good to us and we have been very lucky over the past year. It will take some getting used to for a lot of people and also for us but nothing has changed except the name. We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us as John, Shelly and the Creatures and to everyone who will continue to support us as Master & Dog.

Anyway.. enough of our self important ramblings..  Here is what we said on ATL (Courtesy of AU Magazine)

“[The old name] is too long and people don’t remember it,” they said. “We get the same reaction when we tell people – we have to tell them three times and at the end of that they’re like, ‘What’s the name again?’. We were on Gerry Kelly’s show the other day and he summed it up when he said he thought we were a showband.

“We thought it was too late [to change] but we thought, before we go any further afield, this is the time to do it now. Quasi is where we got the name of the band from – the first song we ever played as a band was a song by them, called ‘Master & Dog’.”


Much Respect to you all.

Master & Dog.




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