Days of drums, dithers and drones.

21 06 2011

So we’ve been tracking drums for the last wee while. 7 songs done. Quite odd getting stuff tracked this time around as we’re mostly writing new stuff as we record.
For the last album we had years to arrange all the parts, which nearly makes you sick of the songs before you’ve even released the record.
It’s all fresh and new this time. Although a little daunting trying to come up with something you’re happy to keep on the finished article.
I’m dithering on a bit now.
One last note on the drums, Kev has managed to get his double kick drum on one of the new songs, something the rest of us said would never happen. The Kev 1 – The Lads 786… well played sir.

Should also use this platform to thank whoever on BBC’s ATL said they were looking forward to seeing us on this years festival circuit. Unfortunately we’re only taking on one festival this year as recording takes priority. So we’ll see you at Forfey?

Well that’s it for now. Maybe some more drivel tomorrow…maybe…




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