Forfey, The Garden Sessions and the second album

16 08 2011

Well we’ve played our first gig in 4 months and our first acoustic gig in over a year in this past week.

Let’s start with Forfey. Our first time at the festival and I have to say that it won’t be the last, be it as part of the line-up or just as punters. New songs were debuted in front of a packed venue and a good time was had by all…we’d certainly like to think so anyway.

Moving on to Offaly and the Chestnut for the three day festival that is The Garden Sessions. It’s been on hiatus the last few years but the festival came back with a bang this time round. We were lucky enough to be playing on the same line-up as some of our favourite Irish acts that included Cathy Davey, Windings, R.S.A.G amongst others. The set included another two new starts which were well received and has made us that little bit more excited about finishing our second record.

Finally on to the album progress report. Initially we had hoped to have finished the bulk of recording by the start of August but due to the sheer number of songs (we have whittled it down from 34 to 22 now) that we’ve decided to complete it’s taken a little longer than expected. On the bright side there are 22, what we deem to be, album worthy songs.
We’ve been toying with names for the second record and think we’ve settled on a self titled album.
I’ll just put this out there while on topic, there is no chance of us releasing a double album. I don’t think any of us have ever agreed with the format.
The other side of that is, of course, that there won’t be as long a wait for our third album (hopefully).

Right off to rehearsals, we’re playing a beer fest in Lisburn at the end of this month! See you there! New tunes ahoy! More exclamation marks!!!




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