New EP ‘Things you should know’ OUT NOW

31 03 2014

Things You Should Know

The new EP, ‘Things You Should Know’ is out now and available to buy via Bandcamp. Hope you crazy kids enjoy! The Thin Air have already described the first track as “wonderfully delicate and understated”. Why not judge for yourself!

The beautiful artwork was provided by Jamie Herron.


Physical album available to buy on Bandcamp!

28 09 2012

New album available to buy on iTunes!

7 09 2012

Buy it here!


Canada Video

10 08 2012

Presenting the long awaited video for Master & Dog’s new single ‘Canada’. Jobs a goodun!

BBC Across the Line recorded our set at Glasgowbury Festival

24 07 2012

We had a blast at the Glasgowbury festival on Saturday. The good people at BBC Across The Line recorded some tracks from our set and played them on their show last night. You can hear Heavyweight and our new single Canada by clicking the link below and going to 1hr 48mins into the show.

Listen Here

Phil and Walter


30 06 2012

If you click the follow tab in the bottom right corner and sign up to our mailing list (don’t forget to confirm the email in your inbox) we will send you out a download code to receive our new single “Canada” for FREE. A free song for 15 seconds work. This is only available to the first 100 people to sign up. 3, 2, 1 GO!!!

Canada Day!

29 06 2012

Well it may not be Canada day but Master & Dog have just released their first single from their second album and it’s called ‘Canada’!

The track is from the self titled second album due for release on Aug 31st. But why wait until then to get your grubby little mits on it? You could just wing over to the bandcamp page here and get your own copy of the single for just €1!