Festivals Galore!

30 03 2012

So Master & Dog have just been added to another festival lineup. 2012 will see the guys play Vantastival, Guernsey, Forfey and Stendhal Music Festivals. More dates are being added every week so keep your eyes glued to the gigs page! Here comes the summer!


Fundit finish line and a UK Tour

26 03 2012

Thanks to everyone who pledged and spread the word to our fundit campaign. As you may, or may not know, we reached our goal and have already began the final stage of getting the album out. We couldn’t have done it without you.

In other news, Master & Dog will be heading further afield than ever this year. The UK bookings are under way so keep your eyes glued to the gigs page for more information. Drop us a line if there’s somewhere you’d like us to play that we’ve never been before. We’ve just added the London date today and there’s plenty more to come.

2010 Press Shot

Here comes the summer!


26 hours to go!

20 03 2012

So the Fundit campaign is just about to head into it’s final 24 hours. At this time we’re 61% of the way there, so there’s still a bit to go yet but we’re confident that we can make this happen with your help and support. By pre-ordering the new album you’re actually ensuring its release.

A massive thank you to those who have already funded the campaign, we are forever in your debt, but if you could continue to share links and posts to and about the campaign, we would be eternally grateful.


All systems go!

2 02 2012

So I thought I’d bring you up to speed on some of what’s going on in the Master & Dog camp today.

Three of the guys will be busking on Rosemary St tomorrow (Fri 2nd  Feb) to celebrate the opening of the new Mac Centre in Belfast, and no I don’t mean the apple store I mean this place here (Link).

So if you fancy seeing the lads busk some new and old Master & Dog material + a whole host of their favourite covers make sure you get down to Rosemary St at 14:20 tomorrow!

Vapor Music Artist of the week!!

17 11 2010

November is an inspiring month — when else can one wear a poppy on their lapel to instantly show respect for the men and women who have fought and continue to fight to make our country safe and free, or grow their facial hair to raise money for the battle against prostate cancer? On days like today, we take a little bit of time away from the regular hustle and bustle to reflect on how lucky we are to live in a country filled with beauty, graciousness and individuals who truly care about one another.

The Canadian attitude is contagious, as shown by the moustached boys of Irish band Master & Dog (formerly John, Shelly and the Creatures). Their song “Canada” is inspired by our country’s physical allure, but also the Canadian spirit. Band member Walter describes the song’s backstory as follows:

“I’ve had a longing to travel to and drive across Canada for the last ten years, constantly making plans to do it and something always getting in the way. I always thought that it would be a great life experience. Nothing but myself, my girlfriend, a guitar, the road and this amazing landscape.

And then a friend of mine moved to Regina last year with her Canadian boyfriend and they recently posted a video on youtube of them getting married out in the wilderness. It got me thinking about that great adventure again. I guess the song is really about my friend getting married and the trust you put in people, but I like to think it’s what I’d listen to travelling across the country too”.

It’s a song about strength and unity, and is available as a free download exclusively for friends of Vapor. Right click the link below and save the MP3 to your computer for your listening pleasure!

So today, let’s take a moment to remember who we are as a country, and the men and women whose service has enabled us to flourish, and in turn, inspire the rest of the world.

“The fact is that songs such as Cold War, Sunny Side Street, Sight of Your Chest, Killer, Frost and Long May You Reign do what really good songs should: sneak up on you, twist preconceptions, change your mind and then take it over. The range of instruments in use, including flugelhorn, mandolin, cello, viola, violin, glockenspiel and xylophone, indicates not so much an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink approach (which would usually be the case) but an exceptional grasp of texture, tone and theme. A shoe-in for next year’s Choice Music Prize nominations list?”
— The Irish Times

“Excellent first album – with a dazzling array of instruments and songwriting that has been fine-tuned to a striking degree, the foursome’s laidback sound, coupled with gritty lyrics, recalls The Lemonheads. Long May You Reign has attracted some attention – it’s the song from the Discover N Ireland TV ad campaign – but there’s plenty of tunes just as catchy. Sunny Side Street and Cold War will have you humming their melodies by third listen.”
– Irish Independent (Day & Night)

Read article and also download a new track Canada  here!